"All I’m gunna say is squalene." – Elizabeth


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Copyright © JG Parker, 2012. The moral right of the author has been asserted. Published by Stonewood Press


Bett Walker's dark Derbyshire diary July 2012

Ok so we've arrived and the cottage is really really old. It's
When we came, Jake freaked out about this weird comb he's got. I
made from stone and the floors are freezing even though its
don't know where he got it from but it's really, really weird. The

so hot out. Not sure I'm gunna like this as much as I thought
handle's all pointy + rough and it's rubbish on my hair. Anyway he
because it's in the middle of nowhere u have to catch a bus
went all ballistic and possessed, mam sided with him even though
even get to the shops, might be all right. I'm not sure I can
it wasn't my fault, which is just typical, totally not fair. Had to
survive six whole weeks though and there's no decent signal
help him move a bed in to the attic today as well. I mean, God,
on my phone. I have to go to a fregging field - honestly. With
move rooms! I broke at least two finger nails and nearly broke my
sheep. My room's nice but a bit hot at night and the mozzies
fingers. Went in town afterwards and at least I got to have a nice
seem to get in even if I close the windows. But the walls are
cup of coffee - don't know what mam's problem is - but then Jake
thick so I can play my music as loud as I want and no one's
went and wigged it all out by finding this weird stuff about dad.
complained yet - early days though. Fund some of dad's cds
I'm tellin you he just looks for trouble! I said I'd have a
before we came - Johnny Cash and Nick Cave and some
look at it but it's probably just boring stuff anyway.
others. Sweet. Anyway, that's enough for now. See ya.

Elizabeth Walker


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