"Take thoughts, now. Thoughts are the element of great ideas." – Stone


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Copyright © JG Parker, 2012. The moral right of the author has been asserted. Published by Stonewood Press



Jake Walker Jake Walker
At 13, Jake suddenly discovers he’s a companion to an Elemental; a guardian of the Earth. To be honest, though, he’s a bit annoyed because all he wants to do is take photos and enjoy his summer holidays. He has his mother’s pragmatic approach to life and knuckles down to do the best job he can. Even though it might get him killed. What he has from his father is an old, battered watch that’s more than it seems, an ancient, fossilized comb, and the knowledge that he’s been lied to all his life. With this, and a little training, he’s got to take head-on humanity’s apathy, ignorance and selfishness in the form of the beast…and he’s hoping he can do it.
stone Stone
The first of the elementals to take corporeal form, Limestone (Stone for short) has a hide made of limestone, marble eyes and a furnace for a heart. He’s billions of years old and for the past twenty-five years he’s slept, in the dark heart of the Peaks, waiting for his companion to return. What he doesn’t know about limestone (and how to manipulate it) isn’t worth finding out about.
Elizabeth Walker Elizabeth Walker
Jake’s little sister seems much older than her 11 years and never fails to remind Jake of this. She has three major talents (and a dozen minor ones): finding the perfect clothes in TK Maxx, playing the guitar, and cracking complex and almost impossible codes. But being so talented means she gets bored easily, and Jake’s barely around to keep her entertained…
Lucy Lucy Walker
Jake’s mother translates book from German into English to pay the rent and keep her children in pizza and cake. She busies herself with work to help her cope with the recent death of her husband but still keeps a careful, if bemused, ear out for her son’s new hobby of extreme wildlife photography.
Willaim James William James Warker
is the last in a very long line of narrators; chroniclers of the elementals and the beast’s activities. The spit and image of Jake’s father, it’s sometimes difficult for Jake to see him as he really is.
Bill William (Bill) Jacob Walker
Jake’s father died following an horrific car accident when Jake was twelve. He was a naturalist, genetic scientist, environmentalist and liar. He lied to his family for over fourteen years about his past as a companion and his involvement with the Limestone elemental because he wanted to protect them. He couldn’t have made a worse mistake if he’d tried.
Stanley Walker
Jake’s late grandfather was a jolly, outdoorsy gardener living in Scotland with his wife, Granny May. He was also a companion to the Limestone Elemental and he told Jake stories about witches and werewolves, ghosts and cannibals, vampires and dragons. And some of them were true.
The Beast
Too terrible to even think about, the beast was borne out of the apathy, selfishness, greed and ignorance of humankind and is partly responsible for many of the natural disasters that besiege the Earth in the twenty-first century. It travels from world to world feeding until all that remains in a dying husk. Some of it is here already, but it’s looking for a doorway to bring the rest of it over. And Stone has one.

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